Takayama Field Station

Brief history of the Takayama site

A 25m flux-tower was constructed in 1993 in mountainous area at the foot of Mt. Norikura. This first flux-tower is located in a deciduous
broad-leaved forest (AsiaFlux code: TKY, La Thuile Synthesis code: JP-tak; 36°08’N, 137°25’E, 1,420 m a.s.l.) in a cool temperate climatic
zone that is affected by Asian monsoons. At first a continuous measurement of micrometeorolgical aspects (atmospheric CO2 concentration, CO2 exchange between the atmosphere and forest canopy) of the forest was initiated, and soon ecological research on biomass growth and soil CO2 efflux was started to reveal the ecological process of carbon budget of the forest. Since then, efforts to understand the interaction of the structure and function in forest ecosystems and the CO2 sequestration from the atmosphere and climatic processes have been made by numerous scientists worldwide.

In 2001, a canopy access tower (eco-tower) was constructed for ecophysiological investigations of tree canopies in a corner of the TKY site. The second flux-tower for eco-hydrological and ecological measurements was constructed in an evergreen coniferous forest (TKC; 36°08’N, 137°22’E, 800 m a.s.l.) in 2004 to enhance a new ecosystem science, “Satellite Ecology.” In the course of this project, several research sites of forest ecosystems with different stand ages were established in the area.

The multiple observations at the Takayama site have been dedicated to reveal the cross-scale mechanisms and dynamics of ecosystem functions and their relationships with climatic conditions over the space and time. The ecosystem structure / function for the sequestration of CO2 from the atmosphere can be focused intensively from the viewpoints of (1) ecosystem processes, (2) micro meteorological processes, and (3) satellite remote sensing to scale up the tower measurement to regional scale. The long-term measurements of these ecosystem processes and CO2 flux will enable us to evaluate the response of ecosystem under changing climate.

FieldExcursion_TKY Field Excursion

TreeCensus_OSK Tree Census

WinterLitterCollection_TKY Winter litter collection at TKY

TestTubeConcentrator_TFS Test Tube Concentrator at TFS


LitterTrap_OSK Litter Trap

LitterBag_TKY Litter Bag

SoilSampling_OSK  Soil Sampling at OSK

SoilRespirationSyste(AOCC)_OSK  Soil Respiration System(AOCC) at OSK

RespirationSystem(OF)_TFS  Respiration System(OF) at TFS

PLFAExperiment_TFS PLFA Expriment at TFS