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Abstract Submission
Implements for Presentation

Implements for presentation

For Oral session

Invited foreign speakers have 40 minutes for each presentation, including about 10-minutes discussion with the audience. The Japanese invited speakers have 30 minutes including 5-7 minutes discussion.
For your presentations, we will prepare PCs with Windows XP and Macintosh with MacOS X, and the PC projector. These PC will contain Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe PDF. Also we will try to prepare the other software program for your presentation so please ask me your favorite. Or if you prefer, you will be able to use your own PC. We will be also ready for your use of OHP.

For Poster session

You can use a poster panel with a size of 0.9 meter wide and 1.8 meter high for one presentation. Poster sessions will take place from 10:50 to 12:30 on 14 October, 2005.
You can put up their posters from 8:45 on 12 October and should keep them by 15:00 on 15 October. If you return from the symposium before 15:00 on 15 October, we responsibly return the poster to you after symposium for citizens. We strongly recommend to write the poster by both English and Japanease for citizens.

Updated on 5 October, 2005