Gifu University Rearing Program for Basin Water Environmental Leaders

“Becoming a member of Basin Water Environmental Leader is a good opportunity for me to improve my knowledge, especially in the field of water environment. Several lectures on water environmental problems and seminars to share experiences in doing research really broaden my knowledge related to environmental issues and the knowledge for solving them. Thanks for the chance.”

Shinta Indah
Research theme: Adsorption behavior of viruses onto activated carbon

“ Before I joined the program, since I can use clean water only turning on the tap, I didn't know the fate of domestic wastewater, just felt it disappeared somewhere. But after I visited wastewater treatment plant and attended many lectures as a member of the BWEL program, I really understood the importance of water environment. I think we have to keep interest in water environment and do not forget that there are many people who are suffering from water shortage. ”

Duo Ji
Research theme: Impact of additional negative ion on accelerating thermal decomposition, incineration, gasification of solid organic waste

“As the member of Basin Water Environmental Leaders Program at Gifu University, I have gained many information and knowledge not only about basin water environmental issues and wastewater control but also protection and management. When I graduate in masters degree and PhD in the future, I wish to use my skills and knowledge to contribute in making better environment for Indonesia, my home country. ”

Joni Aldilla Fajri
Research theme: Impact of Johkasou effluents on water quality of receiving channels

“ Through 2 years of BWEL program, I have learnt English very much. Especially, after becoming the tutor of foreign BWEL student, Elsya-san, I have to speak English to communicate with her and sometimes teach our research knowledge to her. I have to continue my effort, however, the experience of using English makes me feel English much closer than before. Now I have become a better speaker in English, this is the biggest things I have got from the BWEL program. ”

Masakazu Shiramizu
Research theme: Effective utilization of woody ash as the material for soil improvement amendment and heavy metal collection

“ I have gained much knowledge about other research fields in engineering department as well as those in my department. In internship at Gifu Environmental Management Technology Center, we visited Joukasou, its wastewater treatment process was interesting. The poster presentation in the 2nd International Symposium was a good experience for me, I could explain my research topic to the guests. If possible, I would like to be a BWEL student of doctoral course and deepen my knowledge related to basin water environment. ”

Wu Yun
Research theme: A fundamental study about irrigation effect on plum tree

“ My biggest experience during this 1 year of BWEL program was the internship in China. That was the first overseas travel in my life, thus, I had so much culture shock. Especially, I was most impressed by Chinese food. The Chinese food was very spicy and I had new dishes at every meal, so my stomach also seemed very surprised. I was very surprised at the difference of food culture, which was a good experience for me. ”

Akihiko Makimura
Research theme: Effect of organic acid on lead-insolubilization using plants and hydroxyapatite in waste gypsums

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