Education Plan

We aim to establish the novel academic field of comprehensive ecology. Further, we aim to train independent and self-reliant young researchers who are equipped with interdisciplinary capabilities in science and who are able to help solve social problems by working in concert with collaborating researchers overseas and government and corporate administrators and managers who are in charge of environmental issues.

Basic education for the research fields of Ecoprocess /Remote sensing /Weather modeling
The researchers and post-doctoral fellows who participate in this program will receive basic education in the fields of Ecology, Remote sensing, and Hydrometeorology to learn both the ecological reserach and remote sensing methods. These scientists will gain the ability to utilize interdisciplinary approaches to create novel ideas. Moreover, we will develop young researchers who will learn the basic methods of Satellite Ecology and formulate a new field of study. In these courses of study we will integrate an e-Learning system, build an educational system for students and researchers at distant universities, and release information pertaining to basic education and actual research science in Satellite Ecology.

Establishing a new discipline, “Satellite Ecology”
The mission of Satellite Ecology is to suggest how to optimize the relationship between human beings and nature. To meet this objective, it is essential that a diverse group of people, such as administrators in charge of environmental issues in governments, managers in charge of environmental issues in corporations, and citizens, team up to press ahead with practical studies in the field and laboratory. Since continuing to produce meaningful research data, sustaining education, and achieving acceptance by society are all essential for the development of a new discipline, we believe that the young researchers receiving a basic education at this COE will play a significant role in future environmental studies.

Continuing education/environmental education
We will provide open lectures to the general public and offer basic education to the staff of various non-profit organizations for environmental issues, governmental administrators in charge of the environment, teachers in junior and senior high schools, corporate supervisors in charge of environmental management, etc. We expect to play a central role in environmental research and education in Japan in the years ahead by developing sophisticated continuing education programs and opening the door to society, including providing practical education utilizing the outdoor fields for study.

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