Research Plan : Modeling Analysis and Assessment Group

Modeling Analysis and Assessment Group (Tamagawa, Yasuda)

We aim to augment remote sensing techniques and to assess ecosystem functions in a river basin by generating information on the weather and hydrology in the ecosystem at an extraordinarily detailed scale. To achieve our goal, we will utilize numerical models for climate analysis to build and verify a novel system that is able to reliably collect data on the weather and hydrology on a long-term basis; such observations cannot be obtained either from existing monitoring networks or by temporary individual observations. Working in cooperation with other groups, we will apply their research results to improve various processes of land-surface phenomena, and consequently we will build a high-precision model. We will also examine the interactions between an ecosystem and a weather/hydrology field by numerical experiments. These various avenues of investigation will allow us to carry out comprehensive evaluations and future forecasting of the functions of the ecosystems comprising the river basin.

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