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November 12 - 13, an inspection team, including Dr. Kuroki, the President of Gifu University, and approximately 30 people, made a tour of inspection to the Takayama site of the 21st century COE program. The tour itinerary was as follows:

November 12 (Friday)
9:00 Departed from the University campus
13:00 Attended a meeting with Mr. Tsuchino, the Mayor of Takayama city (about 20 min)
13:45 Arrived at Takayama No.2 Namai site (inspection tour at the site, 15 min)
15:25 Arrived at Takayama No.1 site (inspection tour, about 50 min)
16:25 Arrived at Takayama Laboratory site (Government office building, rest for 15 min)
16:40 Left Takayama Laboratory site for Norikura National Youth House
16:50 Upon arrival at Norikura National Youth House, a greeting session was held at the Manager's
office (about 15 min)
18:10 Reception at Room No. 9 (Japanese style)

November 13
8:00 Left Norikura National Youth House and returned to Takayama Laboratory site (Government
office building); Participants had a choice of two return routes.
Under the direction of Mr. Itoh, subsection chief, interested participants took a walk to Kabutoyama and enjoyed bird watching along the way back to the Takayama Laboratory site.
8:10 Group 1 went straight back to the Takayama Laboratory site and enjoyed breakfast prepared
by the students
9:00 Group 2, who went walking, returned to the Takayama Laboratory Site and enjoyed breakfast
10:00 The inspection tour was adjourned and the participants returned to the University


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