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Co-Convened by:

-The 21st Century COE Program "Satellite Ecology", Gifu University
-Gifu prefecture

Sponsored by:

-Gifu Convention and Visitors Bureau

Background and Objectives

The research plan entitled, "Satellite Ecology", led mainly by the River Basin Research Center at Gifu University, was selected as a 21st Century COE program for 2004. This program aims to create a comprehensive yet practical science, "Satellite Ecology", by making an attempt to fuse and integrate ecological research, remote sensing analysis, and climate observations and modeling analysis. In this symposium, it has aimed to share the state-of-the-art technology and the result through the discussion with invited worldwide scientists in each field of the ecological process research, the remote sensing research, and the modeling research, and to send the result of the research widely aiming at the society.


13, October (Thu)

10:30-17:30 Symposium
(Lecture hall, Gifu univ.)
18:30-20:30 Welcome reception
14, October (Fri)


(Lecture hall, Gifu univ.)

15, October (Sat)


Symposium for citizens
(Lecture hall, Gifu univ.)
15:00- To Takayama for field excursion

16, October (Sun)


Field excursion
(Takayama research site)
Symposium for citizens

Speakers from "Satellite Ecology" program

Dr. H. Koizumi (Gifu University, JAPAN)
Dr. T. Akiyama (Gifu University, JAPAN)
Dr. I. Tamagawa (Gifu University, JAPAN)

Invited speakers

Dr. M. Falk (UC Berkeley, USA)
Dr. Y. Iikura (Hirosaki University, JAPAN)
Dr. A. Itoh (Frontier Res. Center for Global Change, JAPAN)
Dr. K. Nishida (University of Tsukuba, JAPAN)
Dr. N. Saigusa (AIST, JAPAN)
Dr. S. Kang (Kangwon National University, KOREA)
Dr. J. Tenhunen (University of Bayreuth, GERMANY)
Dr. C. Trotter (Landcare Research, NEW ZEALAND)
M.Sc. H. Watanabe (Gifu Prefectural For. Sci. Res. Instit., JAPAN)
Dr. Y. Yasuoka (The University of Tokyo, JAPAN)
Dr. M. Yoshimura (Res. Instit. for Humanity and nature, JAPAN)

Updated on 15 September, 2005