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Takayama Seminar

February 11, 2005, "COE Satellite Ecology and TAKAYAMA KENKYUKAI joint seminar" for research presentation and information exchange was held at the meeting room of Virtual System Labolatory, Gifu University. Registration to the office was required for all attending person.

COE Seminars

KOJIMA, Toshiharu (Gifu Univ.) and Din Ara Wahid (Gifu Univ.) introduced about studies on "Vegetation classification with ASTER images in the Daihachigagawa river basin". Each sub titile is "Mixed forest classification using simple topographical correction with multitemporal ASTER images" and "Landuse/Landcover Classification in Takayama- A Combination of ASTER & Landsat ETM+ and ALOS"

Guest speaker, Prof. Yowhan Son (Korea University, Korea) introduced about studies on "Influences of local environments on biomass and nutrient cycling of naturally regenerated oak forest in Korea". Guest speaker, Prof. Woo-kyun Lee (Korea University, Korea) introduced about studies on "Spatial analysis of regional variability in stem form of Pinus densiflora in central Korea".

Guest speaker, Prof. John Tenhunen (University of Bayreuth , Germany) introduced about studies on "Estimating Ecosystem Exchange Fluxes for Spatial Modelling: A Progress Reports".

Taku M. SAITOH (Gifu Univ.) introduced about studies on "Energy exchange ove a evergreen coniferous forest".

Miyuki KONDO (Gifu Univ.) introduced about studies on carbon cycle in cool-temperate deciduous forests using stable carbon isotope techniques.

Akiyama and Bagana (Gifu Univ.) introduced about the ecological studies on bamboo stand performed in Akiyama Lab. in recent years. In which, “Research on carbon dynamics in bamboo ecosystem” was focused, and visited Tsubakibora bamboo site to see research situation and observation facilities.

Minako ADACHI (Gifu Univ.) introduced the soil carbon dynamics in several different ecosystems in Pasoh, Malaysia.

JIA Shugang(Gifu Univ.), lectured the followings: Decomposition of plant litter and coarse woody debris, temporal and spatial variability of CO2 gas in the soil, developed new methods of soil carbon storage.

JIA Shugang(Gifu Univ.), gave a lecture for a estimation of rhizosphere soil carbon storage, temporal and spatial variability of soil respiration in a cool temperate broad-leaved forest and the estimation of soil carbon storage in the Daihatigakawa Basin.

IIDA, Shin'ichi, who belongs to Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Tsukuba, presented the followings: Comparison between observations, which were conducted at the secondary Japanese red pine forest, indicated the change in forest water balance, especially interception loss and the source of transpiration, due to the change in forest structure during the vegetation succession toward the evergreen oak.

KAGEYAMA, Koji (Gifu Univ.) lectured "Estimation of soil respiration originated from soil microorganisms"
He provided his research plan to estimate soil respiration from soil microorganisms and discussed further experiments to clarify the plan. And he reported the results of this year. They found that the population density of Pythium species were different depending on vegetation in Takayama research fields.

ISHIDA, Megumi (Gifu Univ.) lectured the followings:
Based on the field data in natural forest stands, tree species composition, size distribution of trees, forest growth, and spatial distribution of diffuse transmittances (%PPFD) were related to the crown size of canopy trees that estimated with remote sensing.

Guest speaker, Prof. YASUDA, Yoshizumi of Tokyo University of Information Sciences, gave a lecture for extracting the vegetation information such as GPP and NPP using MODIS data.

KOMIYAMA, Akira (Gifu Univ.) lectured `"Primary productivity studies by a forest ecologist".

SAITOH, Taku M. (Kyushu Univ.) presented `Quantitive evaluation of the carbon balance over a Bornean tropical rainforest'.

TAMAGAWA, Ichiro introduced the land surface model in climate simulation.
KOJIMA, Toshiharu introduced atmospheric and topographic correction methods.

MAKI, Masayasu (COE Post-doc. Research Fellow) presented the seasonal change of fAPAR at the time of satellite observation.

KOIZUMI, Hiroshi (Chief Scientist) explained about the study sites at Takayama and the framework of Satellite Ecology. MURAOKA, Hiroyuki (Post-doc. Research Fellow) discussed the possible contribution of satellite remote sensing of leaf chlorophyll content to large-scale ecosystem photosynthesis model from a view point of plant ecophysiology.

MAKI, Masayasu (COE Post-doc. Research Fellow) presented his research plans.

Guest speaker, Dr. NISHIDA, Kenlo of University of Tsukuba, introduced his research project, which links Remote Sensing and Ecological Process Research.

MURAOKA, Hiroyuki (Post-doc. Research Fellow) and LEE, Mi-Sun (COE Post-doc. Research Fellow) presented their research plans.

KOIZUMI, Hiroshi (Chief Scientist), KOMIYAMA, Akira, and KAGEYAMA, Koji of the "Ecological Group," AKIYAMA, Tsuyoshi (Chief Scientist) of the "Remote Sensing Group," and TAMAGAWA, Ichiro (Chief Scientist) and YOSHINO, Jun of the "Modeling Analysis and Assessment Group" presented their research plans.

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