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AsiaFlux TKC dataset

Eddy flux and meteorological data at AsiaFlux TKC is available at following link: TKC dataset. Please see AsiaFlux website for detailed site information.

Data policy

  • If you would like to download the TKC dataset, please request ID and password to Contact adress:
  • For any publication using data from TKC database: Please let me know and get permission first before submitting abstract, extended abstract, or a manuscript for any public presentations and submission for publication. I may request co-authorship or the mention in the acknowledgement.
  • I assumes no responsibility whatever for any trouble resulting from the use of this dataset.
  • Dataset has several limitations and uncertainties (see Saitoh et al. 2010 for detailed information )
  • Please provide reprints (or pdf files) of your publication using TKC dataset to Dr. T.M. Saitoh immediately after the publication.
Reference: Saitoh T.M., Tamagawa, I., Muraoka H., Lee N-Y., Yashiro Y., Koizumi H. (2010) Carbon dioxide exchange in a cool-temperate evergreen coniferous forest over complex topography in Japan during two years with contrasting climates. Journal of Plant Research 123, 473-483, doi:10.1007/s10265-009-0308-7.

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