Gifu University Rearing Program for Basin Water Environmental Leaders
  • Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
 Fusheng Li
 Professor / Program Leader
 Water quality environmental engineering | Water quality assessment, Water quality control, Water treatment, Aquatic microorganisms, Aquatic ecosystem

 Physicochemical and biological water treatment
 Behavior of contaminants in river and lake water systems
 Assessment of aquatic microbial community and microbe-based water environment assessment

 Seirou Shinoda
 Hydrology, Water Environmental Engineering | watershed environment, hydrological information, forest environment, human activities, material balance, community system

 Strategy to make the forest ecosystem be a sustainable activity source at a community
 Evaluating the validity of the forest management influencing on the watershed environment
 Evaluation of the influence of human activities on a watershed environment

 Nobuoto Nojija
 Earthquake Engineering | Urban Disaster Prevention

 Assessment of damage and restoration of lifelines
 Assessment of seismic hazard and risk management
 Prevention and mitigation of urban earthquake disaster

 Akiyoshi Takagi
 Infrastructure planning | disaster risk management, environmental planning, disaster mitigation planning, regional and urban planning, cost benefit analysis

 Implementing integrated disaster risk management (IDRiM) in a changing world
 Integrated evaluation model of basin water environment and social economy
 Regional development and vitalization through Mingling and Cooperation

 Ichiro Tamagawa
 Meteorology, Hydrometeorology | turbulent transport, land surface process, heat and water budget, observation, numerical model

 transport process of momentum, heat, water, carbon dioxide over complex topography
 heat, water and carbon dioxide exchange over forest
 heat environment in urban area

 Morihiro Harada
 Associate Professor
 Civil engineering, Hydraulic engineering, River Engineering, River Hydraulics | River Restoration Program, Sedimentation and River Engineering

 River restoration works considering both of disaster prevention, environment conservation and dynamics of sedimentation

 Toshiharu Kojima
 Associate Professor
 hydrology | forest environment, runoff simulation, remote sensing

 investigation of rainfall-runoff system, and its modeling
 land cover classification with remote sensing

 Toshiro Yamada
 Associate Professor
 water environment protection engineering,

 Dynamics of organic matters and microbial environment in rivers in a high-mountain area
 Effect of Johkasou effluent of Johkasou on local water environment
 Effect of climate change on the water supply system and its adaptation

 Kayako Hirooka
 Associate Professor

 Fumitaka Kurauchi
 Transport planning, control and management | Public transport, transport planning, transport management, transport in an emergency situation, project evaluation

 Public transport planning for sustainable society
 Road transport planning based on risk evaluation
 Project evaluation of disaster prevention measures

 Yoshifumi Demura
 Associate Professor
 Planning of Landscape Neighborhood, History of Town Formed | Town, Landscape, Modern History, Human Environment, Neighborhood Regeneration

 History of Formed Town in Modern Minor Cities
 Visual Spatial Information in the Stations
 Footpath as a Spine of the Formed Landscape Neighborhood

 Kohji Kamiya
 Geotechnical Engineering, Groundwater Engineering | groundwater, water permeability, air permeability, unsaturated soil

 Management of groundwater resources at urban areas
 Behavior of pore air and water in unsaturated soils

 Yuki Kojima
 Assistant Professor
 Environmental soil physics | Heat and mass transfer in soil, Soil freezing and thawing, Soil sensor development, Soil contamination

 Development of soil property sensors using heat transfer
 Quantifying amount of soil contaminants and understanding their behavior

 Keisuke Ohashi
 Assistant Professor
 river engineering, sediment run-off | sediment run-off, GIS, river channel measurement, image analysis

 sediment run-off in mountainous region
 geological analysis by GIS
 measurement technology of sediment by digital image analysis
  • Department of Energy Engineering
 Tomonao Kobayashi
 Hydraulics, Energy Assessment | Coastal Engineering, Meteorology, Photovoltaic Assessment

 High accuracy forecasting of ocean waves in nearshore
 Evaluation of spectrum solar irradiance for assessment of photovoltaic
 Diffusive process analysis of contaminated materials in atmosphere

 Kazuhiro Kumabe
 Assistant Professor
Chemical Engineering, Process Engineering, Energy Technology, Environmental Engineering | Biomass, Wastes, Gasification, Gas Cleaning, Liquid Fuel, FT-Syn

 Development of production process of liquid fuel from biomass (Biomass to Liquid; BTL)
 Study on application development of biomass tar and recycled CFRP waste

 Shinji Kambara
 Chemical Engineering, Chemical Reaction | NOx, SOx, Trace Element, Leaching

 Leaching mechanisms of trace elements in coal fly ashes
 Environmental chemistry of FGD waste water in a pulverized coal combustion plant
 Gas phase reaction mechanisms for DeNOx and DeSOx

 Jun Yoshino
 Associate Professor
 Meteorological Engineering | Weather forecasting, Coastal environment, Typhoon, Rainfall, Natural energy

 Development of a real-time local weather forecasting system
 Development of a typhoon disaster hazard map under the global warming
 Development of a high-resolution renewable energy database
  • Department of Agricultural and Environmental Science
 Masateru Senge
 Irrigation and Drainage | hydrology, soil physics, water balance, runoff analysis, soil conservation

 Deficit irrigation of crop field
 Estimation of water requirement in green house
 Hydrological analysis of forest catchment

 Yoshio Awaya
 Plant remote sensing | biomass, NPP, monitoring, forest management

 Biomass mapping using optical sensors, SAR and LiDAR
 Forest monitoring using remote sensing

 Toshiyuki Ohtsuka
 Ecosystem Ecology | Forest ecosystem, carbon cycling, net ecosystem production, Net primary production, succession

 Carbon cycling in forest ecosystems
 Change of carbon cycling along secondary succession
 Dynamics of non-living carbon pools in forest ecosystems

 Koji Kageyama
 Fungal ecology | Environmental assessment, Fungal ecology, Molecular ecology, Microbiology

 Environmental assessment using microorganism
 Analysis of microbe diversity
 Molecular integrated diagnosis of plant pathogen

 Koji Tsuchida
 Insect Ecology | Genetic variation, Gene flow, Population structure, Population genetics, Ecology

 Genetic study for colony structures of social insects
 Genetic study for sub-population structure of insect populations
 Genetic study for alien species

 Isao Hirota
 Assistant Professor
 Agricultural Ecology | Agriculture in mountainous area, Swidden agriculture, Livelihood compound, Southeast Asia, Forest resource

 Swidden agriculture and its transition in Southeast Asia
Ecology, diversity and sustainable management of natural resource in Southeast Asia

 Yuzuru Mukai

 Hiroyuki Muraoka
 Plant Ecology, Ecosystem Physiology | photosynthesis, plant growth, plant architecture, carbon cyle, forest

 Light environment and growth response in terrestrial plants
 Ecophysiological study on forest carbon cycling

 Taku M.Saitoh
 Assistant Professor
 Meteorology, Ecosystem Physiology | 

 Effects of canopy phenology on deciduous overstory and evergreen understory carbon budgets in a cool-temperate forest ecosystem under ongoing climate change

 Shin-ichi Nishimura
 Soil Mechanics | hydraulic fracturing, fill dam, FEM, energy release rate, crack

 Occurrence of Extensile Cracks in Cohesive Soils due to Compression
 Evaluating Crack Propagation in a Cohesive Soil using J integral
 Estimation of Hydraulic Fracturing in the Earth Fill Dam by 3-D Analysis

 Ken Hiramatsu
 Water Resources and Environmental Engineering | Water Resources, Irrigation, Environmental Hydraulics, Water Quality, Aquatic Ecology

 Water environment of irrigation channels and human activities
 Aquatic ecology and hydraulic environment in rural areas
 Influence of long-term change of water environment on agriculture

 Naomasa Nishimura
 Associate Professor
 Soil Physics and Environmental Engineering | Soil physics, Soil water movement, Soil contamination, Sewage purification, Water quality

 Simplified measurement of water retention and permeability of soil
 Soil contamination, ground water pollution, and these mechanisms
 Improvement of water environment in farmland and rural regions

 Nobumitsu Kawakubo
 Plant Taxonomy, Evolutional Biology, Conservation Ecology | Morphological Variation, Plant-Animal Interaction, Pollination, Flowering, Sexual Reproduction

 Analysis of the floral signal function as pollinator attractants
 Establishment of the movie-recording method for flower behaviors
 Studies on the education system for conservation ecology

 Takeo Onishi
 Associate Professor
 Hydrology | Hydrological modeling, catchment, fish breeding forest, global environmental problem

 Hydrological modeling of production and transport of dissolved iron in the Amur River basin
 Biogeochemical cycle of terraced paddy fields
 Wise use of natural resources in the Kiso River system and the Ise bay

 Takashi Tanaka
 Associate Professor
 Agronomy | 

 Precision agriculture in rice, wheat, and soybean production
 Sustainable agronomic practices for forage rice and corn silage production system
 Statistical modeling for agronomy data

 Satoshi Tsuda
 Associate Professor
 Plant Ecology | Vegetation, Fire, Succession

 Post-fire vegetation and succession in Japan
 The role of burning in Japanese semi-natural gressland

 Kengo Ito
 Associate Professor

  • Rearing Program for Basin Water Environmental Leaders
 Wei Yongfen
 Associate Professor
 Environmental science | Water environment, Quantitative assessment, Remote sensing, Land cover classification

 Quantitative assessment on water environment using remote sensing
 Catchment-based correlation analysis between water environment change and land use

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