4th symposium of river basin studies – towards the interdisciplinary study of the sustainable utilization and management of river basin systems-

3rd announcement: 2020/2/25

To reduce the risk of new coronavirus infections, we have decided to cancel the 4th symposium of river basin studies. (2020/2/25)

Chairperson in each session is added to the program. (2020/2/20)
Agenda of the symposium is now available. (2020/2/8)

Program and guide map: program.pdf   (Update: 2020/2/20)

We welcome your participation at this symposium. For your participation, please submit “your name, affiliation and country” to “rbrc2020@green.gifu-u.ac.jp“.

For presenters

  • Note:
  • Oral presentation:
    • Laptop is prepared in the room, however you can use your laptop.
    • Presentation time is below;
      • 25 minutes including discussion in each presentation
  • Poster presentation:
    • Each presenter is provided a poster board. You can display the poster of maximum B0 size (Portrait format).
    • B0 size poster measures: 1030 mm width x 1456 mm height.


River Basin Research Center, Gifu University


  • JaLTER (Japan Long-Term Ecological Research Network)
  • JapanFlux
  • The Japan Society of Hydrology and Water Resources


March 10th– 11th, 2020


Gifu University,

1-1 Yanagido, Gifu, 501-1193 Japan


River Basin Research Center, Gifu University

Aim of the symposium

River Basin Research Center (RBRC) of Gifu University is promoting an interdisciplinary “river basin science” to facilitate sustainable use of natural resources involved in the landscape which is composed of natural and societal systems and their interactions. The river basin science integrates research and developments for our deeper understandings on the systems including mountainous forested catchment, rivers and regional climate, and for sound management of natural resources such as water and agricultural products. As the impacts of climate change and human activity on such basin systems are rapidly changing, the environmental science is requested to help solve the issues in our ‘natural – societal ecosystems’. This symposium aims to share the scientific findings and knowledge, exchange germinating ideas, and to explore new vision of environmental science which bridges natural and societal systems for their harmonized sustainability.

Call for participation and presentation (Oral / Poster): Abstract submission has been closed (2020/1/24) 

We welcome your participation and presentations (oral / poster) at this symposium in the related topics. For your participation and presentations, please submit the registration form (as below) by January 24th, 2020.

Registration form to be submitted to: rbrc2020@green.gifu-u.ac.jp


Registration form

  1. Name and title
  2. Affiliation and country
  3. E-mail address
  4. Presentation (Yes/No)
  5. If YES, preferred order in oral and poster
  6. If YES, title of the paper
  7. If YES, are you student? (Yes/No)
  8. If you need visa to visit Japan:
    · Name (as it appears on the passport)
    · Date of birth (Year) / (Month) / (Day)
    · Gender
    · Post address where documents from organizing committee to be sent
  9. To whom wishing to present posters

Please provide your abstract (200 words) to be published on the symposium proceedings. You can download the abstract form in MS Word format. Please submit your abstract with your registration form (due date:  January 24, 2020).
MS Word format: Link