Scope of the RBRC

The River Basin Research Center (RBRC) was established in April 2002. The river basin on the main island of Japan is mainly consist of mountainous landscape characterized by various forest and river ecosystems, Satoyama ecosystem and floodplain, and urban systems. Such multiple systems provide the society with both opportunities such as ecosystem services, and risks such as disasters. Our research center has been conducting various studies on these environmental science that is tightly linked with societal benefits and risks, ranging from fundamental processes of forest and river ecosystem structure and functions under environmental changes, meteorological dynamics over complex terrain on mountainous area, risk management of river and urban systems for human well-being, etc. Particularly, our long-term research on the forest ecosystem carbon and matter cycling under recent climate change, which has been conducted with domestic and international research networks has been contributing to deepen our understanding and future prediction of forest ecosystem functions. By developing and facilitating such multi-disciplinary studies on the mountainous landscape and systems, we are challenging to deliver our scientific and technical data and knowledge to the local society for their sound decision making on conservation and sustainable use of natural resources.

Organization of the RBRC

  • Division of Vegetation Resources and Function
    • Vegetation Function
    • Vegetation Management
    • Vegetation Ecophisiology
    • Landscape Research
  • Division of Water System Safety and Security
    • Basin Hydrology Dynamics
    • Water Quality Studies
    • International Studies for Water System  Safty & Security
  • Division of Information Science on River Basin
    • Human Activity Information
    • Ground Safety Diagnosis
    • GIS-Based Research
  • Promotion Office of Gifu University Rearing Program for Basin Water Environmental Leaders
  • Takayama Field Station
  • Joint Research Office

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